Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tag...we're it.

Y'all, it's official.


  1. Love the name "Graichen Nation." And because you are living in "Athens", I think you should see this if you haven't already.


    (If it doesn't work type in flatly and britain's got talent on youtube)

  2. Todd, don't get any ideas!

  3. OK, Dearie, now that you are in the South, you'll need to work on your Southern Belleness. So...practice by using the following phrases any time you can:
    Fixin' to (as in "oh, I was just fixin' to go to the grocery store")
    Might coulda (as in "I might coulda gone to the grocery store, but I didn't think we needed anything")
    Slicker 'n'whale snot (as in "Is that a new car? Why, it's slicker 'n'whale snot!!)
    Fox News (this is a Southern belle way of cussing someone out)
    Ain't (in the South, replaces "isn't" in every instance)
    Ain't that interestin' ( really means "no shit")

    So, you just practice these things when you talk, and you'll have real friends in no time!!!

    Love ya!

  4. Advice to live by, no doubt!