Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good-bye 2009!

We bid farewell to 2009 and toasted 2010 at Tower Beach for a very chilly Happy Hour...definitely our best New Year's Eve of late.
*For the group shot, we have no idea who the random standing in the back is. (:


  1. what is ben saying when he points to the puddle? love his laugh. always love his laugh. hny.

  2. uh, who is between ma and pa hoffman? what is ma hoffman drinking? looks like a highball and not the popular bud light. loving todd's beard. i completely approve. and happy to see jodelle in a turtleneck. wish i were there.

  3. No real clue what Ben was saying..."puddle" maybe?

    The fabulous Uncle Larry of West Virginia sits between Ma and highballs, but wine and Bud Light were enjoyed by all.

    Absolutely needed the was brrrrrr cold.