Monday, November 28, 2011

Graichen Gratitude

Just back from New Jersey for Thanksgiving. The food and the company were great...the drive there and back, not so much. But we're grateful that we got to eat our way through the week and see lots of family and friends!

Not so psyched about Uncle Teddy

On the bikes...


Ben and Katie with all of their great-grandparents

Best Day Ever: cookie dough, the big recliner and brand new Lightening McQueen slippers

Making cherry pie for Thanksgiving

Reading our new Thomas the Train book at Thanksgiving (and staying out of the way!)

The Hoffmans of Asheville

Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Bev and Uncle Nick's!

Playing outside by the fire for Todd's birthday...woohoo 34!

First slice of Sicilian...she'll never be the same
Little Graichen Cousins (Ben, Cassidy and Katie)

Not happy to leave Poppy's house

Feelin' kinda' Sunday...

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