Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today we went to...

...the Zoo, and the kids had a blast! It got crowded fast but the animals were great. Ben liked the lions the best, but in second and third were the Pandas (since we watched Kung Fun Panda II yesterday) and the Lemurs (since they look like King Julian from Madagascar)...good thing we have quality cartoons to teach Ben animal appreciation (:

Waiting patiently on line to see the pandas...

Leaving the panda's house...Ben was psyched that Baby Po was eating bamboo!

Lazy Kangaroos, photo credit: Ben

Ben with the "big girl" Elephant 

Before the zoo got scary crowded...

At Meercat Manor

Ben at one of two cannons at the entrance to Grant Park...
you really can't go many places down here without seeing a cannon.

Too cool Katie 

Post zoo, post dinner, front yard football.
And that's a day!

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