Monday, April 18, 2011

Father-Son Doughnut Eating Contest:Play by Play!

Todd preparing for the start. The challenge was who could eat 5 Powdered Doughnuts the fastest.

Ben didn't quite the get the "speed" element of his first competitive eating match. Or maybe he just knows to savor every single bite of a good doughnut.

Working hard, but not hard enough for a win.

Plugging away...

Ben's plate when time was up.
He was given a handicap...three doughnuts instead of five.

I've never seen Ben so disappointed as when he learned he didn't win. Not sure if we should be concerned about a new love for competitive eating, or just his very well-known love of doughnuts. (:


  1. How did Todd do? :) Love the haircut, bring on the warm weather!

  2. Todd didn't win either, but felt robbed!