Saturday, April 16, 2011

Train Day!

We went to Train Day at the Athens Community Council on Aging (I guess they figure young and old like trains?) and Ben loved it! He rode a train, looked at all the model trains, LOVED a giant Lego train set-up (it even had a Chick random) and won some cupcakes on his first ever cake walk...success!


  1. i dit it all. in photo two, is that ben's dad behind him and if so, what up w/the gray bracelet? and way curious about the conversation in photo three. jody... you look even more fascinated that ben. who is that kid in the foreground w/the stipes? can't be katie. was ben the coolest kid w/his train cap? he is getting ltos of documentation on that battle wound.

  2. rats. meants to type 'i dig it.'

  3. arrrrgh. meant to type:
    rats, meant to type 'i dig it.'

  4. 1. No clue who the kid in stripes is.
    2. Of course Ben was the coolest kid there!
    3. The old guy teaching Ben how to use the remote control trains was wearing the same hat as Ben.
    4. The gray bracelet is for brain cancer awareness...pretty drab color, but we've all got them. (: