Monday, November 9, 2009

Ben's 2nd Birthday

Ben celebrated a full-fledged Birthday Weekend for the Big Elmo cupcake in Island Heights and Graichen Family Dinner in Toms River. Lots of sugar, so both birthday celebrations were successful! Ben now has more trucks than we can keep track of and some new DVDs to keep us entertained. Plus, a pirate hat from the World's Best Godparents. Happy Birthday Ben!

And in an attempt to stop the relentless demands for more video footage...more birthday magic. It took Ben awhile to realize that he could eat Elmo but once he did, poor Elmo didn't stand a chance.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Ben and his dad look great. gosh, the video camera must be broken again!? sigh. That pirate! Fierce. I'm scared.

  2. oh BOY! this is way better than TMZ! thanks Mom for holding the camera and telling your son to EAT ELMO!