Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halfway Through November...Already???

The conversation accompanying the photographs:

Ben (who had run away): "Mommy!!!" (shrieking)
Jody: "Ben...this way!"
Ben: "Mommy!!!" (shrieking)
Jody: "Ben...this way!"
Ben: ""Mommy!!!!" (shrieking)
Jody: "Bye Ben...I'm going this way!"

Ben thinking he's being left alone at the park.
Run, run, run...
A fabulous family hike that did not result in us leaving Ben behind.

Mommy, 1. Independent Ben, 0.

1 comment:

  1. see, that's a book right there. i'm telling you! you, the camera, the kid, someone to hold the camera, your insights and you've got yourself a book that oprah could endorse and you could be rich and i could work for you and ben could have a college education and it would be a happy ending. quick. oprah is off the air in two years.