Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. Fix It

For Ben's birthday, his good friend Jen gave him some very impressive power tools. Since then he's fixed everything in Athens...and he's given Todd a hand here and there too.


  1. 4:22AM... sunday morning, your boys are working with power tools??? when does graichen nation sleep?

  2. please ask the boss of this site (i'm guessing ben since he has all the tools) to tell me how i can (i hate typing the word, but..) 'post' a comment w/out it being in direct association with a photo or post. are random comments able to be posted by your attentive readership (i hate admitting to the term 'followers'). for example, who are we to cheer for today? what team? how can i present that question via this site or should it be emailed or texted? or is that a twitter thing?

  3. 1. The time stamp on the Graichen Nation is horribly off...I posted that comment sometime around 1pm (eastern standard) on Sunday.

    2. Not really sure of a general way to comment...but I'll have Ben do some research. He's tweeting as we speak. (I loathe that word)

    3. If you question it, always, always root for New York.