Monday, November 2, 2009

Impromptu Road Trip

Graichen Nation hit the pavement for an impromptu weekend road trip to Hilton Head over Halloween. The weather was perfect and the B's were well-behaved...totally worth the drive. Saturday morning was super foggy at Tower Beach but the afternoon was a 10...all photos here were taken on the same day at the same beach.

The water was cold, but Ben was still ready to go in all the way...surprise, surprise.
Plus, he became a hopscotch pro...with a little coaching.

For our next road trip adventure...NJ for The Wedding.


  1. i challenge ben graichen to a hop scotch match. he can call the time. i call the beach. he pays my air or car fare. i'll buy him lunch.

  2. Ben says "Bring it!"
    Ben's secretary