Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ben's Fan Club

Ben is getting ready for the Premiere League; no doubt this will be priceless video footage when he goes pro. Greg & Ali were super impressed...mostly that Ben was able to concentrate even with the distraction of Greg's insane ensemble.


  1. A on the videography. good work jody.
    A+ on ben's performance...great focus and footwork. i am really impressed.
    B- on script writing for not giving identification of how gregg and ali are associated w/graichen nation. i need an extended family tree. jody... can you get that going.
    A on casting. the cheering section was on the money, based on the interpretation of the director. would have liked to see beckham in the piece, but not disappointed.
    more more more more more

  2. Defintely not fair. If I knew I was going to be filmed I would have dressed more appropriately for the part.

  3. What exactly does Greg think he was dressed appropiately for?

  4. There is definite future potential; noting the use of both feet and the ability to dribble into space even with the crowd standing by hoping to create a distraction. I can see the recruiting warts beginning. already!

    Easy E