Friday, August 28, 2009

What Up

I guess I can still post without pictures, but it's not nearly as fun. Ben and I have explored and almost conquered the State Botanical absolutely beautiful park with loads of fountains for Ben to try to swim in. Ben has been rising early again which is no fun at all, and yesterday my Feat of the Day was applying a band-aid to my right hand (which meant using my left!) after I removed a splinter with said left hand all while Ben was screaming and tugging at my leg. Since I generally can't do much of anything with my left hand, this was an accomplishment indeed.

This weekend will be low-key as we hang in Athens between jaunts down the road to Hilton Head...hope we can manage to pass the time!

1 comment:

  1. Will someone in the graichen nation extended family please find a rogue camera somewhere? i can't stand not having photos and movies. someone must have a spare just sitting around the house? HOLD THE PHONE... Jody: Just carry the MAC around. There is a camera in your computer right? Sure, try that.
    Glad to see more folks w/the mustard to get their faces up on the screen. Takes some embarassment off me.