Monday, August 24, 2009

HHI, Part 2

Two August weekends have been spent at the beach...not quite the same as living there year round, but the closest thing we've got here in Athens and not a bad situation at all. The good news: no rabid jellyfish, no sharks (a fear since watching this year's Shark Week), fun with John & Melinda, tasty cocktails. The bad news: I was reminded the hard way that our camera isn't waterproof. Todd, John and I also learned that we're not very good at Scattergories...and Melinda is a little too good. (but come on...a linguini sandwich? that was a gimme)

After the Hurricane-Bill-Induced Wave (which also knocked down Ben incidentally, but he, fortunately, was saved) the camera worked but now seems busted. We'll have to see what our warranty says about all of this...future posts could be iffy.

For now, enjoy a pic of Ben diving into his first real slice of pizza (real = triangle shaped slice). We tried to show him how to fold it, steps.

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  1. a) thank you for posting something so that i had a reason to live and breath... an update from the graichen nation even though not a moving picture and b) thank GOD another follower decided to put his photo up. Now i don't look AS lame.
    that is SOME GIANT piece of pizza.
    over and out. i love pandas.