Sunday, August 9, 2009

Graichen Nation Goes on Vacation

Just in from Hilton Head over the weekend with friends Justin, Aimee, and Baby Taylor. So much fun and a much-needed get-away for all of us. Five hours in the car is absolutely worth it from Athens, GA or Durham, NC.

Highlight of the Trip: Todd got stung by a rogue, rabid, man-eating jellyfish and by all accounts, is lucky to have made it out alive.


  1. I'm still in shock from being stung bey EVERY tentacle of that beast! I know you say it was a jellyfish, but I still believe it was the killer dolphin with rabies!!!

  2. Sounds like Todd needs to man up. I mean come on... what kind of adult human lets a jellyfish slow them down?

  3. Greg, You werent there...The jellyfish came in with the tide and just stuck flat to his leg and it wasnt just any jellyfish, it was a BOX JELLYFISH!!!!! I'm sure Todd is still walking with a limp!