Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Best Pizza Deal in Town

Who doesn't love Pizza Tuesday? Since no one with our genes could ever possibly fall asleep while in such close proximity to pizza, have no fear for Ben...he was simply savoring every bite. Clearly not much is going on in Athens except for the heat, which I'm starting to believe might just be the norm. Today we hit Storytime, we hit the playground, and we hit Gymboree...hard. The pizza was an absolute necessity. Bad news for Beckham...he wasn't able to sneak a bite when Ben wasn't looking.


  1. How is southern pizza? I note it must be best when eaten from a monkey plate...

    Now that you are in the south, you'll need to learn how to pronounce Italian...or Eyetalyun. And don't try having pizza more than fried chicken or you'll never fit in. :)

    I hope you've been practicing moving from English to Southern. If you need help with any pronunciations, I'm your go-to. Just let me know.

  2. We've tried referencing the Lapelle Southern Dictionary, but aren't feeling 100% comfortable with it just yet. Southern Pizza is just fine, but only because we ordered from Papa John's.